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Mission Purpose

The mission of the B.O.O.S.T program is set up to help others build off of one another. We are small community of people that have been around one another all of our lives. People live too close to each other but haven't spoken to each other in years. This program is to help reconnect people, build up the community, and to mentor those who are crying out for help. It is my mission to bring a real life education program to this community.

  • This program is to reach different age brackets. For the 13-19 age group, I'm trying to help them get back into school and build their life back up. I plan on having different speakers come in and talk to them and help motivate them to turn their life around for good.
  • For the 18 and older, I want to get them back on track and help them start off on the right foot as far as getting a job, becoming well rounded young adults etc...
  • I also would like to help them get into G.E.D programs so that they can have education credentials, public speaking courses, and also working on communication skills, while working with others.
  • A computer lab would help those who are taking online classes such as ALEKS(math program), online college courses, or even to fill out job applicaitons.

We would like to offer breakfast in the morning for the people who are on the search for jobs. As you know it's much harder for persons that may have been in jail for various reasons to get a job, so I would like to get clothing from places such as Goodwill, or Salvation Army, or even the Marion Clothing Closet to help struggling men and women to dress appropriately while in search of jobs, or even for the people that have jobs to look more presentable on their job.

Marcus Robinson

Greetings to all. My name is Marcus M. Robinson Sr. I have been a life long resident of Marion, South Carolina. My parents have grown up here, my aunts, uncles, and even my grandparents. Growing up in this community, I remember walking the streets day and night and having a safe feeling about the environment surrounding me. During the era that I grew up in, people really stood by the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" and people would live by the phrase "Love thy neighbor". I've set out on a quest to build this program off of the old time ways and morals, let's get back to the the way things used to be. One memory that sticks out in my mind the most about Marion, South Carolina, are the summer programs that brought the youth of the community together. We use to set out in the morning with adventure on our mind. Going to neighborhood after neighborhood just enjoying each other's zeal for life.